Async promises timeout on AWS /Node.js JS SDK

A little out of my wheelhouse with Node, but I’m getting there… working on an integration through AWS.

This set of Promises time out if I set to less than 5 seconds. Am I structuring it improperly or is that the kind of response I should prepare myself for? Perhaps I’m not structuring the fnPr call properly?

I’d like to call the function and go, but I need some kind of feedback… the Particle device did recieve the function call… I’ll eventually add a handler for a bad return.

Testing: I am using only three devices in the capturedDevices array…

        //console.log(capturedDevices);  // tested OK
                //console.log(value);  // tested OK
                return Promise.all({
                    return new Promise (function(resolve, reject){
                        var fnPr = particle.callFunction({ deviceId: value, name: 'SetColor', argument: 'rgb(0,255,0)', auth: accessToken });
                        fnPr.then(function(error, data) {
                                console.log(data); // I'm not seeing this return on the console?

            console.log("done");  // tested OK
        console.log("error message:" + error);  // need to test...