Asset tracker ino

Sorry, noob here. I installed the libraries for asset tracker. But I am wondering whether there is an ino that produces the product shown on the site, as seen here under ‘monitor sensor data’:.


Ping @Dave, @rickkas7

I believe that is a conceptual screenshot of something one could possibly create, not something that actually exists. Or at least I don’t know about it if it does exist. It would be a good project, however.

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Hi @Tedted,

Ooh, that looks like a screenshot from a demo I built! Let me see if I can make that firmware available. :slight_smile: (it exists, but it was a demo I built, I would want to document it before releasing it generally)



Thanks in advance for doing this!

Hi @Tedted,

I don’t think I’ll be able to release the web app just yet, but you can find some of my Asset-Tracker firmwares in this repo:

Here’s a firmware that uses the gps, and the accelerometer, and sleep to report some interesting data -

I hope that helps!


Thank you! I’m going to check it out right now.