Asset Tracker GPS -- Your experience with getting GPS fix

Hi Gustavo,

Thanks for reaching out!

I had two main scenarios. I’m testing in a suburban single-family-home environment, mostly, and there’s not a lot of urban-canyon concerns. In the first scenario, the device was in my office, near a window, but definitely indoors. In the second scenario, the device was operating on battery power out in the yard under blue skies.

I was working on checking the firmware versions of my u-blox to see if there was anything there, but I have accidentally got a GPS signal instead! I removed vast portions of the example codebase and I’m now getting a GPS fix, so that’s nice. I’m not sure what was going wrong before but I suspect that some wrinkle in the example codebase that I didn’t understand was perhaps shutting down/off the GPS before a fix was obtained?

with the internal antenna, I never got a fix near a window at home.

great to hear!
I wouldn’t know why you were not getting a fix before.
Anyway, keep it up!

In my experience with different GPS devices… Often times the power from USB actually kills the GPS power and… Most consumer GPS that power from a USB type plug actually have pins that are Power from normal 5v and other pins for external batteries… If you want to power use the power input on the Asset Tracker shield reduces the likelihood of USB just killing GPS …