Asset Tracker as a Product - Price $$$

May be i am wrong approaching this question but here goes my concern:

Possible price of asset tracker as a product can be around 140-150 USD (including shipping). For argument sake, lets take monthly expense of 10USD (i.e. Data Charges). This does not include could charges.

A normal vehicle GPS tracking device on Amazon / Ali Express costs around 40 to 50 USD. Monthly rates varies from 20 to 25 USD (even less in some cases). Plus they come loaded with Software (Mobile App / back end server etc)

Pros / Cons: GPS products bought from Amazon / Ali Express, one cannot add anything. Thus no option of customization. Using Particle Asset tracker based solution. One has the flexibility of adding custom sensors. But the thing is, if you are using a GPS on a car / bike, you don’t need that much quantity of sensors. Does this makes Asset tracker based products a hard sell ?

Intention is not to criticize the product pricing. Particle makes beautiful products, hands down. But just trying to check if Asset tracker can be used only by hobbyists / makers or can compete with market to be termed as a “Product”.

Think bigger. Try considering the option of shipping containers, where you do want a bunch of sensors to monitor what’s going on inside during shipping. Then it starts making a whole lot more sense :wink:


Thanks @Moors7 for sharing your thoughts. I agree and i did mentioned that to some extent in my comment that attaching “more” sensors might then do justice to your Product’s final price.
I was just curious about using it as it is or may be with few additional sensors.
So we are ruling out basic level of tracking on everyday vehicles ? :grinning:

No ruling out, but putting in perspective :wink:
There are use cases where an Electron Tracker won’t fit but others there may.

It’s not only the sensors that might make the difference but also the tailor made code, the ability to cross talk between devices, the ability to directly connect to the CAN bus of your vehicle, the possibility to get volume prices at Particle, …


As a product/market Asset Tracking devices are not new and is quite evolved already.

There are well established platforms that may or may not have monthly fees. Everything from LoJack (which is very popular in heavy machinery rental) to container tracking to consumer based tracking devices attached to things (autos, pets, children).

You really need to find a subset of the Asset Tracking market that you can focus on and where you can be disruptive in pricing or where your math pays off and gives you a new market.

it is a question of Marketing, not of the technology or even the cost.