Asset Tracker and Particle Workbench

After many hours of attempts I’m hoping someone can help…

I have an Asset Tracker V2 and I’m using VSCode and Particle Workbench. I think I’m using the latest OS for the device and have updated everything I can think of.

When I try to Flash to the device over the cloud the process works. BUT when I try to Flash locally to the device using the same process it does not work – the error seems to be the result of the <AssetTracker.h> not being found…

I have followed the examples and even removed additional folders and files from the AssetTracker lib folder etc. leaving the essentials of course. The “” file has “dependencies.AssetTracker=0.0.10” and all else seems ok!

When I Flash locally without the AssetTracker library it works perfectly - but add AsssetTracker and local Flash on Particle Workbench fails…

IT does work if I do the Web IDE but I’d rather use VSCode for editing if possible.

Thanks in advance,

Do you mean <AssetTracker.h> or <AssetTracket.h> ?

Sorry typo in posting only - I did mean <AssetTracker.h>

Take a look at this post - seems similar ?

After more tinkering and following the detailed instructions provided (I had searched but didn’t find those instructions as well stated) I was able to get it to work in Particle Workbench. I’m not sure what combination of things maddest work but now but it does!

A huge thanks for the leg up!