Ascii in http webhook

Hello I am trying to pass data via the http-webhook and particle.publish. When I look at my curl log I see the following:


However my webserver is seeing the following


is there a way to have the particle http-webhook pass the data with out adding all the extra ascii codes…

In your webhook JSON, what is your requestType? Is it set to GET instead of POST?

It appears that your fields are being sent as a GET, in which case special characters are being escaped. Your web server should be converting these back anyway, depending on how you are accessing them in your script. Without seeing your webhook’s JSON and server script code it is a bit hard to say.

My recommendation would be to convert your JSON requestType to POST if it isn’t already. Also, in your script use something like (PHP example):

$speed                      = $_POST['speed'];

This should allow you to get your fields out correctly.

It wasn’t but not it is… I am getting the data needed with special characters to boot. I was using the HTTP client library directly from the device but wanted to move to using particle.publish as it uses less data. Just finished the web-hook php on the server and it is working… Thanks again…