Argon voltage tolerance for LiPo charging

I’d like to replace my Core and LiPo charging shield with an Argon but I couldn’t see the input voltage specs for the Argon on the site.

The current Core/Photon charging shield has a wide voltage input and it works great for solar charging voltage fluctuations.

Any info anyone has would be great!

The specs will be along the default specs for most Adafruit Feather devices - IIRC the Argon was meant to use the same LiPo controller as Adafruit does.

Disclaimer: Supply chain reasons might still cause changes till the BOM is actually locked down.

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Feather devices seem to be fine with anything from 2.5V–6V, so I’m guessing my current solar panel will need a regulator first.

Based on the pinout, I’m assuming that I can simply connect my 5V positive to the USB pin and negative to a ground pin?