Argon iot starter kit (sensor malfunction)

I just bought the argon iot starter kit which comes with the groove shield and sensors.

Unfortunately after trying multiple examples using the cloud ide libraries for the dht11 sensor , electromagnetic field finder etc.. none of the sensors seem to be working.

(The temp was fixed to 255 and distance to 0 )

The firmware version on my argon is 4.2.0 and my friend who just bought the exact same starter kit is running into similar issues…

Any kind of help would be appreciated


Your symptoms are a little unusual. The Grove DHT11 library will periodically return errors instead of valid data, but will at least some times return valid data. If you want to use this for real, switching to the DHT22Gen3RK library is the best option on Gen 3 (nRF52840) devices like the Argon. Follow example 4 for using it with the DHT11.

It's weird that you have other sensors that are not returning valid data, however. Are you using the Grove shield? Which sensor, port, and what firmware are you using?

Thank you for your help.

I will try switching libraries for the DHT11.

Yes, I am using the Grove shield with firmware version 4.2.0 on my Argon with the sensors included in the Grove IoT starter kit.

I am plugging them into the ports that are specified per the developer community examples.

Hi, maybe you can send pictures of the connections?

can you point us to the examples you are looking at?


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