Argon, GPS, and Xbee

I have a pretty cool IOT project I am working on involving GPS, XBees, and am planning on using the particle ecosystem for processing.

Here is what I am running into.

For use in this example, let’s say I have 3 Ublox Zed FP9. Each of these modules will be paired with a particle argon, and an XBee. One of these units will be set up in base configuration with two rovers taking the rtk stream.

I would like to use the XBee to serve the rtk stream to increase the range of the rovers. But I think (hopefully not) that if I am using the XBees radios to serve the RTK stream, that I can’t use the same XBee for other packets I need to send back to the base.

Obviously there are ways around this, such as the onboard Wi-Fi and BT, but I am not sure of the range.

BTW, I am just warming back up with Serial Communication stuff starting about a week ago, so this may seem like a totally obvious answer to some but I can’t intuit this one on my own, and there is a little bit of confilicting information out there about this when using the UART for RTK.

You will want to setup your Base Station so that it will only be sending RTCM3 messages over the XBee Mesh.
If decent RF environments, you will have plenty of bandwidth for the Rovers to send “corrected” NMEA data back to the Base