ARGON:1.2.1-rc.3:Random gsm0710muxer errors

Are these errors anything to worry about ?

0027304975 [gsm0710muxer] ERROR: The other end has not replied to keep alives (TESTs) 5 times, considering muxed connection dead

Hi @shanevanj what other symptoms are you experiencing and how often are you seeing this log output? Ideally we wouldn’t see the other end of the muxer not responding to keep alives at all, so this is definitely something we would like to look into. If you have a minimal test app that you can share, that would be helpful. cc: @avtolstoy

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Thanks for the response - this is complicated :slight_smile: I have quite a big app running on bench testing prior to deploying an alpha release to a test site - The app has essentially reads a serial stream from a external device, does some boundary checks on the data and then reformats into small JSON documents and sends to an MQTT broker. It subscribes to 3 topics from the same broker to get configuration information. It also has a webhook and an exposed function via particle cloud. Additionally there is an I2C LCD running. The ethernet wing is used for connectivity. So no specific test app as such.
The device is just sitting on a breadboard rig - logging to the usb serial and I have enabled logging like this:

SerialLogHandler logHandler(LOG_LEVEL_WARN, // Logging level for non-application messages
    { "app", LOG_LEVEL_INFO} // Logging level for application messages
   ,{ "app.pubq", LOG_LEVEL_ERROR } // dont need this now

to trap anything - this where I saw these messages. they are random and sparse. The test serial stream to the device is a series of static messages generated by another dev board, in the same same sequence repeatedly - so I cannot correlate a specific message (and its associated MQTT publish) with one of these failures. In the last 100K bytes logged on the console - it has appeared 1 time!

I am happy to help diagnose - let me know if there is anything specific I can do - I am not that skilled from a code sense…

Thanks @shanevanj I have captured these details in our on-going investigation into this issue.

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Is there a fix for this issue. I am seeing the same problem randomly happening in boron LTE device using OS 1.2.1. It comes back immediately within few seconds. But it counts that as a disconnected event.

@testboron could you follow these instructions (but update them to 1.2.1 as you do) to report logs for your situation? Instructions for collecting and reporting cellular connectivity issues

Do you have a LiPo battery connected to your Boron? An insufficient power supply can cause modem problems resulting in this error message. Try connecting a battery to your boron if you don’t have one already.

This should be fixed in Device OS v1.5.2. It was a tricky one!!

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