Are there any core firmware upgrades?

Will you be releasing upgrades for the base core component(s) ? Such as the bootloader or such ?
If so, how will they be applied to the cores ? Manually or OTA ?

The bootloader is basically locked down. It could be upgraded in the future, but it was designed so that we would never have to. It has very few responsibilities, and it performs them reliably.

All the rest of the firmware components however get updated all the time! Essentially, every time you flash firmware OTA to your Core from the web IDE, you get the latest firmware. You can watch the firmware github repos (firmware, communication lib, common lib) for all the changes that are happening.

I like this view in particular, because github.

Oh cool.
Are the components you described taken from the master branch or only from “releases” of some sort that you decide on ?

The versions that get built into your firmware flashed from the web IDE are from the compile-server2 branch. We merge master into compile-server2 at least at the end of each two-week sprint, but usually more often than that, like every couple days.

Great, thanks for the quick response!
It’s a good feeling to know what’s going on behind the scenes :smile: