Are job-related postings allowed on this forum?

About to have a couple of Particle-related job openings. Would it be appropriate to post them to the forum here, or is that frowned upon?



Yes, they are! We don’t have a strict set of rules in place on these forums, so please follow these guidelines for now:

  1. The job should require knowledge of Particle-based tools or hardware. If it does not, the post will be flagged or deleted.

  2. Include an external application link or clear application instructions in the post. The forums are not an appropriate place to accept resumes, references, or applications, or as a medium to hire/reject candidates. These activities should occur outside of the forums.

  3. Limit your job post to a single thread. Duplicate posts or threads are not allowed and will be deleted.

  4. Job postings will be set to automatically close in a month. Please archive your post if the position is filled sooner than that.

  5. As always, be respectful, courteous, and kind to others!

Sound OK?


Sounds excellent. Perhaps a new category “Jobs” might be in order?

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Definitely. I’ll investigate on our end to see if Discourse has some of the administrative controls that we’d want to be in place to prevent it from becoming a spam center. Feel free to PM me with a ping once you posted your positions!