About the Jobs category

Welcome to Particle’s Jobs Category!

The purpose of this channel is to provide a place for members of the Particle community to post job postings and communicate about Particle-related job opportunities.

You’ll see some posts that are job opportunities from Particle, as well as some opportunities that are from individuals and companies building on the Particle platform.

If you have questions for the original poster on the requirements of the job, feel free to reply in the thread. If you would like to post a Particle-related job on the forums, please send an email to hello@particle.io with the following information:

  • Job Title
  • Job Description
  • Company/Employer information (including website)
  • Job Capacity (part time/full time/hourly)
  • Application instructions. Note that it is not acceptable to post resumes and applications directly in-line on the Job posting. Applications should be received privately over email or with another application management system.

If you don’t include all of the items above, we’ll be unable to post the opportunity. Note that this is an experiment – if it becomes burdensome or too challenging for the Particle staff to maintain this category, we reserve the right to remove it :wink: