Arduino Yun code to Photon code help

Hey everyone! I need help with changing my Arduino Yun code to be useable with the Photon using the software Particle dev. I am trying to build the S.M.A.R.T. alarm clock I really don’t understand how to change the code. I keep on having difficulty. Thank you :smiley:

Here is the code…compatible with the Arduino Yún:

Touchscreen library:
S.M.A.R.T. Alarm Clock from:

There are some threads that do ask about porting code from Adruino to Particle, so a quick search might bring up some

Like this one in particular :wink:

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I have until tomorrow to figure it out but, it just does’t look like I have enough time. Thanks for the help guys… I have so much code, there is no way a person who is new at code can fix and change from Arduino to Particle one day :pensive:

@Question, you chose a complex platform (Yun) to port from. Trying to port anything that complex in 2 days is not realistic. :confused: