Apple M1 Support

Wanted to check to see if anyone is using an Apple M1 powered machine for firmware development. Are there any known issues with compatibility with the tools?

Worked for me so far without any troubles using the M1 version.
I had the same concerns but so far I’ve been able to compile and flash locally all my Photon and Argon devices as I used to on the previous version of Apple MacBook (Intel based).

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for Particle tools (and in general ime) in the terminal, the key is to check the “Open using Rosetta” option

@m_m, I moved a couple weeks ago from an Intel MacBook Pro to a M1 MacBook Air without issue. I just checked on my M1 and “Open using Rosetta” is not checked, but everything works fine. Is this something I should go ahead and check regardless of my current success?

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@ctmorrison in some cases - VSCode iirc - there’s automatic support for running under Rosetta. CLI in particular will not run under M1 without Rosetta. that all said, if things are working for you today, i’d let sleeping dogs lay and go with it :slight_smile:

at my new M1 that working perfectly


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