APN Issue with Third Party SIM on Electron

I have been doing some OTA updates and discovered that the electrons are connecting to the cloud and publishing events even when using a random APN?

deviceOS is 3.3.0

The most common reason for APN confusion on the Electron is that if the modem is not fully reset, the previous APN setting is used. Flashing new firmware, using System.reset(), or pressing the RESET button only warm restart the modem, so the APN is not cleared, and any new APN set in the user firmware will be ignored. Thus after switching the APN you should probably power down the Electron either by unplugging the battery, or in software by going into HIBERNATE sleep mode for several seconds.

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@rickkas7 many thanks, I tried the obvious (remotely) but to no avail, now I know why :slight_smile:

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