API to Detect Xenon Nodes

Will there be an API from a Xenon board to report on the number of other Xenon units nearby?

Ideally, I’d like to see Particle put BLE beacons and/or peripherals on the Xenon, but other threads seem to indicate that BLE will be for configuration initially. I’m thinking that I might be able to accomplish the same thing if an API is exposed that allows me to detect other Xenon nodes.

Big picture:

I want to enhance my vehicle dashboard with an LED indicator. That LED will light up if an object is inside the car. Presence detection is what beacons are all about, and I’m pretty sure I could make a Red Bear BLE Nano look for beacons, but I don’t want to invest in that hardware given limited long-term support. Light Blue Bean could do this as well, but they seem to be going away as well.

@krhoyt, eventually, Particle will expose a BLE API but not until well after launch and stabilization.