Anyone used the SerialCommand Library

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I’ve just imported the SerialCommand library but the usage example calls .begin and .process functions.
They don’t exist in the library … what am I missing?


You are not missing anything - the library isn’t aligned with the usage.ino sketch! This is why using the community libraries isn’t guaranteed to work!

I would be tempted to copy and have a go at modifying the code to ensure it works. You can strip out a lot of the Arduino reference stuff and remove using string object.


Right … Thanks.
I’m sure the novices could be saved an awful lot of time if erroneous libraries were removed or flagged as incomplete somehow.


That’s an ongoing, and never-ending effort. There’s only so much you can test automatically after which you’ll have to go into functional (manual) testing. It’s being worked on, but there are a lot of libraries to cover.