Anybody here using Home Assistant's Monitor Bluetooth presence detection?

As above, any users on this forum of Home Assistant’s Monitor presence detection script? It uses bluetooth to work. I’m wondering about upgrading all my Cores to Photons to combat WiFi/BT interference and wanted to hear from people that this would be money well spent. i.e. people happily using Photons with Monitor. Thanks!

Not sure what difference using a photon would make over Cores, seeing as both are wifi only. (Disregarding the fact that the photon performs better over all). What are you hoping they’d achieve that the Cores can’t?

Hi Moors - I suppose just this - but it seems that the feature may not be active? But I’m also wondering if maybe hardware coexistance and congestion avoidance might be two different things?
@kennethlimcp @ScruffR

The (not supported) coexistence interface was meant as a way for the controller to know and tell when which type of 2.4MHz radio (on the same device) was active to prevent the other from interfering with the ongoing communication of the former.
AFAIK it hasn’t got anything to do with congestion avoidance or channel hopping/selection.