Any way to tell if I am running on my external Antenna/check signal?

For my garage door opener I needed to add an external antenna for a stronger signal in my garage. I added the STARTUP() external antenna command from the documentation but now my particle photon is actually dropping the wifi more

Any ideas??

Hmm… Check the orientation of the antenna?

@leighla323, what type of antenna are you using?

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I am using a duck antenna

What version of the particle firmware are you running ?

I recall some early problems with the antenna select logic being wrong/inverted, but I believe that is fixed.

About the “check signal” part of your question WiFi.RSSI() and to tell if you are actually using the uFL watch the reading change when tightly covering the antenna with your hands or when (carefully) unplugging/replugging the ext. antenna.

I am up to date on firmware. I will try some testing tomorrow!

I put my photon with a external aerial on a software timer , so it starts up with the internal aerial then switches over to the external one.
Monitoring the rssi I can see it change from 70+ to under 60.