Any Tindie Users among Spark Community ? To allow Spark sells on Tindie

A few weeks ago I approached the Resell Markets developer and asked to have Spark Core added as a platform so people could sell Spark Core related shields on his sight. Over the weekend I got a big yes to my request but, I need 10 Tindie Community Members to make it happen.

Only 2 more Tindie Members are needed to vote Spark Core for resell on


Woo, Tindie Store! Sounds like a good place for those who are building custom shields and kits (Cough @timb, Cough cough @kennethlimcp) :slight_smile:



OKAY ! Spark Core is now a Platform available to sellers on (Not a plug for the site !) I am just trying to establish a stream for people who produce shields to distribute them on Tindie.

As soon as 10 products are listed under the Spark Core Platform on Tindie all Spark Core product sellers go live. (Sorry, I don’t write the rules).

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