Any Restrictions in FCC Grant for Photon?

I am planning to use a Photon (or P1) in a product and have begun speaking with a testing lab regarding FCC/CE certification. They said we may “reference the FCC ID of the module [Photon] if ALL restrictions in the FCC Grant of the module are met.”

I was wondering what these restrictions might be? Is there anywhere to see this information?


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I am also curious about this

Check out the links at this site. I believe the user manual will tell you all restrictions. Look at page 17. Also the RF exposure states where it can be used. The P1:

    The antenna of this product, under normal use condition, is at least 20cm away from the
    body of the user. So, this device is classified as Mobile Device.

You might have to rename the file extension after downloading to .pdf to open it.


Very helpful, thanks!

It seems the URL points to several documents. Which one were you referring to?

It would be the user manual.