Any experience with the ZDU0110RFX?

Hi folks,

I am looking to integrate the ZDU0110RFX into a project. I have wired it according to the datasheet and by referencing this breakout board for the chip. However, I am unable to detect the device using the I2C Scanner on a Boron, I've confirm the I2C bus is wired correctly by installing an OLED screen that communicates over I2C.

Does anyone have experience with this I2C to UART chip or have ideas on what else to try?

I have never used that chip. Even if you get it to I2C scan, do you have a working software library for it?

I recommend using the SC16IS7xx line of I2C/SPI UART. The link is the software library that works well on all Particle devices, works with SPI or I2C, and also works with the dual UART chips.

The bare chips are easy to work with, but you can also find many pre-made breakout boards on Amazon, eBay, and AliExpress.

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Hi Rick,

Thanks for the response! We were looking at the SC16IS7xx but it seems like you need an external 1.8432 MHz crystal. All of the available and cheaper crystals are quite large/tall and we are space-constrained. Any suggestions of a crystal you'd recommend? The project will be using the MSOM.

I used this oscillator on one of my boards with the SC16IS740. The SC16IS7xx works with a real crystal or an oscillator, and while that particular KC3225 is no longer a stock item, there are a bunch by other manufacturers easily available.

Of course you can always figure out why the other chip is not working and write a serial driver, but that's a lot of work.


Thanks! I will take a look. And, yes, getting the SC16IS& board to work will be much more straightforward with existing library.

For anyone else who stumbles about this thread, there seems to be an arduino library for the ZDU breakout board by Embedded Adventures that I was going to start with.


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