Announcing the Particle MVP Program!

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A company is only as strong as its community. Particle’s developer community is something we’ve been proud to see grow and thrive over the last eight years. Some of those community members have been with us since the Spark Core days, and have continued to use Particle for projects of all types.

As our community has grown beyond 200,000, we’ve observed that there are a number of folks who have played an outsized role in getting us to this point: in helping you and countless others troubleshoot problems, learn how to use Particle, and in getting comfortable with the Platform, either in the forums, or online. We’ve long wanted to recognize the contributions of these individuals, and provide a program for adding new community members to that group, and have been working over the last few months to make this group official.

Today, I am pleased to announce the Particle MVP program, along with our first cohort of MVPs! Read on to learn about the program, meet the members, and learn how you can join their ranks in the future.

What is the Particle MVP program?

The Particle MVP Program is a global network of experienced IoT experts, influencers, and thought leaders who support fellow developers, companies, and communities around the world. They do so by speaking at events, sharing projects, best practices, and providing guidance in the Particle community forum. These individuals actively support IoT developers and startups, helping them solve real problems with the IoT.

These individuals are chosen by Particle employees for their contributions to the forums, product roadmaps, in-person events, and more. Many will be names you recognize from online or in-person interactions around the world. MVPs are selected for a period of one-year, and we plan to add new MVPs and renew existing MVPs twice a year, moving forward.

The Spring 2020 Particle MVPs

Our first MVP cohort contains 12 individuals that we believe model the ideals of the program. Some of them have been members of the Particle community from the beginning. They’ve helped answer your immediate questions about Particle, or shown you what’s possible with amazing IoT builds. Please join me in welcoming the following individuals into the Particle MVP Program:

This group is just now forming, while you won’t be seeing these folks at in-person events in the near-term, many are already engaged in the Particle Community on a daily basis. Keep an eye out for more from this group in the near future!

How can I learn more?

If you’re interested in learning more about the program, go here. If you’re curious about our selection process, and want to find how how you can be considered for a future cohort, we’ve put a FAQ together, here.

Keep an eye out for these folks the next time you’re online or you see a project of theirs make the rounds, and be sure to say thanks for supporting the Particle community!


Congrats on the MVP’s :trophy: :beers:

These guys certainly earned the MVP status with all the help given over the years!

I have never come up against a problem they couldn’t help me solve and that is very powerful for a creator like my self who jumped into the world of Microcontrollers from scratch when the Spark Core came out.

I’m happy Particle is still around and growing because they make building connected products much easier. :spark:


Thanks for the kind words, @RWB! Thank you for your own leadership as well!


I second Will’s comment, @RWB. Thanks for all you’ve done over the years to help us get here!


Great stuff, the Top Gun of Iot. I actually thought most of those guys were particle employees!

@RWB I nominate you to captain the next cohort.