Android Studio remote dependency "android-device-setup-library", where is customization.xml?

Fresh install of Android Studio (Winx64 env)

So I'm following the instructions here:

It says to

just add compile 'io.particle:devicesetup:0.4.0' to the dependencies element in your app module's build.gradle file

Now that's easy enough. Here's the problem, later, I want to customize the product / brand info as is described here:

Customize setup look and feel by overriding values from the customization.xml file
under devicesetup -> src -> main -> res -> values.

Problem is, I cannot see where Android Studio is downloading the remote dependency to, so I am not sure where to make the necessary customizations to the customization.xml file.

I imported and created the values and imported the resources folder from the device-setup-library into my res layout/values folder.

This solved most of the reference problems. I created a particle_customizations.xml and copied the device setup library customizations into that.


I am glad that you solved most of your references problems. I just wanted to check to see if there is anything that we can assist you with?


Thank you for responding kyle, I am just starting out with android, did I do it the right way?


I’m also unfamiliar with android, but I would say that if it’s working for you, I guess it is right! If anything else comes up, feel free to create a new thread here in the community or you could submit a ticket to our support site, here.


updating my own answer for posterity.

When you are importing the device setup project by adding it via a dependency, you can just copy the customization.xml file from the project on github and add it to your projects res/values folder. the settings in there should be picked up.

no offense @KyleG but this isn't a good answer:

I would say that if it’s working for you, I guess it is right!

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