Android setup customisation xml file

I’m using version 0.3.3 of the library device setup and I could not find the file Customization.xml. Most definitions are in the file values …/app/build/intermediates/exploded-aar/io.particle/devicesetup/0.3.3/res/values/values.xml however android studio regenerates this file when the sources are built (changes are not permitted).

I’m probably doing something wrong ?, appreciate your help.

@ruframapi the customization.xml file being referred to is part of the device setup lib package itself. As the docs mention, these values need to be overridden (as opposed to overwritten) , i.e.: you add your own replacement values in your app’s resource files.

To change app_name to “My Awesome Particle App”, you’d add the following to one of your resource xml files (like strings.xml or values.xml, etc):

<string name="app_name">My Awesome Particle App</string>

Hope that helps.

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Thanks, you’re right, I misread the documentation, sorry :sweat:

No problem, happy to help!