Android SDK getVariable getting String value

This is the example from the reference doc:

Async.executeAsync(sparkDevice, new Async.ApiWork<SparkDevice, Integer>() {

        public Integer callApi(SparkDevice sparkDevice) throws SparkCloudException, IOException {
            return sparkCloud.getVariable("myVariable");

        public void onSuccess(Integer value) {
            Toaster.s(MyActivity.this, "Room temp is " + value + " degrees.");

        public void onFailure(SparkCloudException e) {
            Log.e("SOME_TAG", e);
            Toaster.l(MyActivity.this, "Wrong credentials or no internet connectivity, please try again");

Could someone suggest how I can use this to get the value of a variable in String type? sparkCloud.getVariable(“myVariable”); returns int only.

From debug log I see the SDK can actually talk to the device and got the string value back, but the SDK just could not handle non-int type.


FYI: there’s been an update to the Android SDK which allows variables of all types to be returned.