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Device naming in tinker page

  • I selected a device to rename and upon doing so, there is not success/fail response and the name on top is still reflecting the old one
  • using the CLI, i checked that the rename was successful

Device list

  • When i exit the tinker page for that device, the device list became empty. It should be cached since each time i reload it takes 30-60 seconds to load my…10 devices status
  • also as a scroll through the list, i often end up with the refresh icon appearing, interfering with my navigation
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Thank you Kenneth, we are working on solving the bugs you mentioned for the next Android app release.

@kennethlimcp an app update was released on Friday which fixes the device list bugs. Re: the rename issue, a fix for that is coming shortly. For what it’s worth, the rename request is actually being made, the UI just doesn’t get updated to reflect it (whoops!). Renames from the device list should work exactly as expected though.

Thanks for the bug reports, and please let us know if you’re still having any trouble!