AnalogWrite() Tinker example not working

Hi guys, I’m really exited to try this, it is my first programing of this sort but I’m a fast and thorough learner so bear with me

I got the photon kit and started following the getting started page but I don’t know why I can’t light up the included red led on the step 4

I have two boards, so I’ve tried 2 led and the 4 resistors, including using different places on the breadboard and nothing,

I think I’m missing something really stupid here, please help!

Are you sure your LED is placed correctly? There’s a + and - side on those things. Try double checking that.

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Just to make sure you are talking to the correct device, can you turn on the blue onboard LED with digitalWrite D7?

Can you also provide a pic of your wiring?

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I knew it was something stupid!!! thanks both of you !!! it was the + - thing, never thought of that!