Amazon Alexa - Notifications

Amazon Alexa has the ability to let you push notifications to it.

I’ve noticed Twilio have this capability that can be easily triggered from webhooks to Twilio (but it is in a limited preview).

Has anyone had any luck getting their Alexa to output notifications as triggered by a Particle device - to work via webhooks directly to Amazon or willing to share any tips/experiences? Did it work well? Any unexpected issues or limitations?

I’ve managed to make voice announcements locally to Google Home using Node-Red and Particle, but I’ve not delved into Alexa notifications yet – those would be ideal for what I am doing because I am tracking the power state of a remote system and having the indicator on Alexa flash would be helpful if I was not around to hear a voice announcement from Google Home.


I was about to start on Google Home but found it wasn’t released for public use yet, only local Dev.

How did you find it?

It is a node-red node here:

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