Alternatives to BQ24195 PMIC that are DeviceOS and footprint compatible (VQFN-24)

Hello Particle Community!

As the silicon crisis rages on, the lead time of BQ24195 components has increased quite quickly.
We are therefore looking for directly swappable alternatives to the BQ24195 in a B5-SoM setup that are compatible with Particles DeviceOS.

Could E.g. TI BQ24195L or BQ24196 work as replacements? These components can not max charge at the same rate as the BQ24195, but if they can provide the same basic functionality and work with the DeviceOS, it could work for us.

All the best!

@Colleen - @no1089 might be able to help out here!


The BQ24195L is used in the Boron, so it will work. Ti has 21K in stock, so I’d order quickly :sweat_smile:

Currently there are no direct replacements for the Particle PMIC, however, most should be easy to implement yourself - it’s not a particularly complex part, but DeviceOS won’t manage it automatically.
The one benefit of the BSOM is you can design the power circuit to your exact specifications.


Thank you for your reply Chris! I’ll order some BQ24195Ls as a backup - just so I understand your second paragraph - the BQ24195L will fit and work indepdently, as the logic for the B5SoM is based on the DeviceOS variant for that platformen and the BQ24195. Could I convert the PMIC code for the Boron variant of DeviceOS to the B5SoM’s deviceOS? If that makes sense.

Again, thank you for your input and I wish you a great weekend!

Well the good news is the Eval board for the Bseries also uses the BQ24195L.

If connected DeviceOS will pick it up with no changes required.


Thank you Chris and nicely spotted!

We’ve put both BQ24195 and L-variant on our list for the EMS, it seems that everything is good to go from here.

The quick replies and specific help is very much appreciated! It’s always nice to start the weekend on a positive note :wink:

All the best,

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