Also run Solar Shield from Power Jack?

Hello kind people of the Internet,
couple of dumb questions about the Solar Shield (which I’m using with a 2G electron):

  1. The solar shield also has a regular barrel type power jack…what is the power jacks expected input voltage? 5 volt? 12 volt? 7.5 volt?
    …alas, skimmed through the spec sheets on the Solar Shield and could not seem to find the answer to this rather simple question.

  2. Can the Solar Shield board simultaneously support running off both the Power Jack, and off the Solar Panel input voltages?
    2.a Or is the solar shield set up to either run off of the Power Jack, or the Solar Panel input power separately, but not both at the same time?

I’d like to have regular AC power provide primary input voltage via a small AC to DC power adapter to the power jack, but if AC power trips-off (which it does sometimes back in my garden area which has a fairly sensitive ground fault interrupt plug), still have the small Li battery and solar panel provide a bit of temporary back up power…and so it (the electron) can perhaps let me know via an event that the primary AC power (to the barrel type DC power jack) has turned off.

thanks in advance for any help ya’ll can provide