After some time Photon breathes blue

After 2 to 3 hours this photon starts to breathe blue, the documentation states that the WiFi module is on but not connected to the network.

Is there a way to detect this in the user code? (I know this mode blocks the loop)
Do we have to wait for a new release where the WiFi part runs in a separate thread?
Or should I create a hardware Watchdog to reset?

You can use WiFi.ready() and WiFi.connect() in your code. WiFi.ready() is not blocking., but I am not sure if WiFi.connect() is blocking though.

Are you using semi-automatic or manual mode? In automatic mode it should reconnect automatically.

Hi @TheHawk1337,

I use semiautomatic mode where I use WiFi.connect() in the setup function, connect() blocks.
The point is that when there goes something wrong with the WiFi part the loop() function is not called anymore. Than we humble users lose control.

Ah yes that explains it not reconnecting. We humble users should regain control soon, mdma is working on running the user code in a separate thread making the cloud connections etc run in another thread so it wont block :smile:

I know. And Let’s hope he is ready soon :smiley:

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If the LED is breathing blue then your loop will be running. It means for some reason that WiFi has been disconnected. You could test for this and re-connect in the application loop.

Multithreading beta is being released with 0.4.6 today.


Thanks for the info @mdma. I need to dig deeper now, my loop stops when RGB breathes blue, so maybe my code holds everything up after a while :blush:

Will the new firmware beta be available for the online IDE?