ADS1115 board returning same values


I am using a setup that uses two ADS1115 boards to collect 8 values. Each board is returning the exact same values each time data is collected. I scanned for I2C and two I2C were found. Any idea why this might be happening?

Thank you in advance

Hi and welcome to the community!
In order for community members to help you better, can you:

  • post schematics of your project
  • hi-res pictures showing how you connected your hardware
  • your code
  • the output where you observe these values


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I assuming that nothing is connected to your inputs and then you observe that all values from each channels reports
“the same” values. If this is the case it’s regarding to the high input impedance (6 Mohms) you can try to place some resistance in parallel to GND and your inputs and play a little with gain.
Here is some more useful info:


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