Adding Ethernet to Spark Core

Would it be feasible to add this Ethernet module to spark core ?

ENC28J60 Ethernet Network Module

  • ENC28J60 3.3V 25MHz Crystal Ethernet Network Board Module - Blue

       **Brand new ENC28J60 25MHz Crystal Ethernet Network Board Module**
       Ethernet chip ENC28J60, SSOP28 package
       Supports full-duplex and half-duplex mode
       SPI interface, SPI clock up to 20MHz
       IEEE 802.3 compliant Ethernet controller: Integrated MAC and 10 BASE-T PHY
       Built-in isolation transformer, HR911102A RJ45 connector
       Compatible interface of SmartM51 & AVR development board
       On-board 25MHz Crystal
       Single power supply: + 3.3V
       On-board HR911105A Ethernet DC converter

It has a SPI interface - it can be connected.

The big question is why ? what’s the use case ?

Note that unlike the CC3000, the ENC28J60 doesn’t do any protocol work for you, so you’d need to port a TCP/IP stack over to the core.

Explain your use case, maybe another product will work better.
If you just want something cheap with ethernet and wifi, I suspect there will be better options than a core (RPi springs to mind.)

Need Wifi. [Check]

Need small footprint [Check]

Need functionality without the cloud [ ]

Having to be connected to an API to allow the core to function will not work.

This ENC28J60 module comes with Arduino Script that will obtain IP from router. Could this script be ported to work with Spark Core without having to be connected to the API Cloud ?

I don’t know enough about the core yet to understand why it has to be connected to the Cloud; unless its a NSA thing ?

spydrop, you can turn off the Spark Cloud connection or even boot without it and just have wifi running!

@peekay123 THanks for reply.

Then someone who sets their phone as a Hot Spot (wifi) and loads Tiny Webserver on the Core can interact and manipulate the Core Pins from there Smartphone ?

Will it run a loaded Core program without Wifi connection like an Arduno will do ?

Any relevant Docs that explain these options for Spark Core ?



spydrop, there is a complimentary function called which turns off the wifi and you can start your Core with the wifi disabled as well. I believe these functions are available primarily for local builds in the (experimental) master branch right now and if you look at the online documentation, some of these functions are there. However, the Spark Team is reviewing the functionality and naming of these and many more functions in the coming weeks so expect some cool stuff! :smile:

You can also check out this topic for more info.

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@spydrop as @peekay123 mentioned, we’re preparing to release these system functions in our next push, but they’re still going through a process of internal optimization before general release. Although they’re available now, as @zach mentioned in the post below, we don’t want to “release” something only to immediately make modifications to it–too confusing :smiley:

@peekay123 @Will

Thank you for the feedback on these new changes & re-designs.

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I’m doing an ethernet version, I therefore created a unique topic about the Ethernet Version
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