Adafruit_TFT and Adafruit_GFX [PORTED]

I just ported AdaFruit GFX and TFT libraries to Spark.
The library can be used to interconnect 320x240 TFT displays that have the following Controller Chips:

  • ILI9325
  • ILI9328
  • HX8347G
  • ILI9341

The following displays should work with Spark

and also low cost displays available at ebay.

Source code is available at the following link:


Nice!! Never tried one but maybe it’s time :smiley:

Maybe a shield is good too. Hehe


I’ve been working on porting the NeoMatrix library to Spark and I’m trying to decide if I should package the GFX with the Matrix library or keep them separate and just reference your GFX library. I think it’d be great if people could just add the NeoPixel, NeoMatix, and GFX libraries in the web IDE and be all set.


@delianides, the purpose of libraries is to have controllable “packages” that can be version controlled individually. When you include the code from these libraries as part of your own, that code may go out of sync with the original libraries. It is always better practice to reference libraries instead of including them in your own library. :smile:

@peekay123 I’m in total agreement but it doesn’t look like the Web IDE allows packaged libraries to offer any way of defining dependencies yet.

Am I missing something?

@delianides, you can refer to other libraries from within a library. Look at the RGBMatrixPanel library in the IDE to give you some idea of the syntax. That library and examples makes use of the IDE SparkIntervalTimer and Adafruit_mfGFX libraries. :smile:

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@peekay123 Thats almost funny. I did that with my library and it worked. I’m gonna play around with it a little bit more before I publish.