Adafruit_GFX Library MIA

Hey there, I’ve built an LED matrix and been coding it by hand but I’d love to use the NeoMatrix library I see in the Libraries section of the build IDE - BUT - It can’t find (nor can I) the Adafruit_GFX Library. Searching here it seems like maybe it used to be ported but now is gone… anyone know what happened?

I started trying to (re)build it inside my app by adding files but the web IDE only allows .cpp and .h (Adafruit_GFX has a .c font file AND font directories. I tried to pull the font stuff out of the code but it got messy fast)

I’d really appreciate any advice about getting this running.

It’s still there. Try clicking on the gear icon (Settings) in the lower left corner, then click the Clear Cache button.


I’ve been waiting for the GFX library to come back online for days. It disappeared when there was a situation with all of the libraries. Who knew that Clear Cache was so important! Thanks.

Yes! Thanks for the tip. Weird. So much to be desired from that web IDE.