Access Token Changes?

Hey all-

Did I miss something? I’ve been out of the loop for a couple of months, and now the API for dealing with tokens seems to be different… (And thus preventing my apps from working properly…)

So I can still generate a token (and the new ability to add your own expiration info is great) but those newly generated tokens don’t appear to show up in the token list when you call a get on them…

What am I missing? Does the list all tokens API no longer work?

What are you using to handle the token checking? Look at the docs for the latest info.

I’m using postman to do the post request to generate the new tokens and the same to do the get request to list tokens. I have been reading the docs. First thing I did when stuff stopped working right.

I can make a new token but it never shows in the list.

Working fine for me with Particle-cli:

KENMBP:~ kennethlimcp$ particle token list
Checking with the cloud...
? Please re-enter your password: *******

spark-cli (expired)
 Token:      f72f158967f049b38eebc522e6ad5238922c5d6c
 Expires at: 2015-03-19T13:28:38.867Z

spark-cli (expired)
 Token:      2c97ddfaf5f8f3df894055d21452ef97908885e2
 Expires at: 2015-03-19T13:23:54.997Z

spark-cli (expired)
 Token:      12c968e89af91b5975961ce42bc0012ba7d66fb6
 Expires at: 2015-02-26T13:12:31.232Z

ifttt-5545 (expired)
 Token:      ccced3c0d39a73b5e4cf78f48ffff4e353ec793c
 Expires at: 2015-02-19T22:31:31.738Z

ifttt-5545 (expired)
 Token:      3f0d7b2179c8e183326b8886c1905d85cb90abed
 Expires at: 2015-02-19T22:24:03.154Z

It only shows me old tokens nothing I created today or recently

How are you creating tokens? I believe when you create a new token you will be given the access token? You can check it against the list.

KENMBP:~ kennethlimcp$ particle token new
? Please re-enter your password: *******
New access token expires on Mon Sep 21 2015 10:31:23 GMT+0800 (SGT)

KENMBP:~ kennethlimcp$ particle token list
Checking with the cloud...
? Please re-enter your password: *******

 Token:      4089f74674bb0815359e5521eae3ef6a2e0b89a6
 Expires at: 2015-09-21T02:29:57.410Z

I’m using the post request.

It does return a token, but that token never shows up in the list. It just basically disappears into the void after being created. :smile:

I guess it boils down to I CAN create new tokens, and I can list tokens, but the new tokens never show up in the list. The only tokens showing in the list are ones I created months ago.

Mine showed up as demo-ed above though. So i don’t think there’s an issue. What does particle --version say?

When I create a new token I get:

“token_type”: “bearer”,
“access_token”: “*",
“expires_in”: 16539098.091,
“refresh_token”: "


(I removed the token numbers)

You are trying to figure out why a newly created access token is not listed right?

Try using particle-cli and do a particle token list and see if the token is listed there. It’s essentially using the same API endpoint so it should work as expected.