About the Beta category


The beta category is a place where feedback and conversations about Particle beta programs occur.

The beta category is a public, read/reply-only home category where posts about new betas will be listed for interested individuals. The categories for discussion of a particular beta program will be listed as sub-categories, and will either be

  • private beta: only those provisioned with category access can view and reply
  • open beta: anyone in the community can view posts in the beta and create/reply to topics

You will only be able to view the sub-categories for the beta programs for which you have been provisioned access.

The category structure will be as follows

  • beta category - public read/reply category
    • beta1 [open] - public read/reply/create subcategory for a particular beta
    • beta2 [private] - private read/reply/create subcategory for a particular beta

Please post questions about Particle betas here!


Hi There
I just got started with Rule engine.
For my first test flow I have a single variable published with the Photon :
Particle.publish(“HP”, String(value0), PRIVATE);
The console shows me the published values.
At the Rule engine, I’m using a subscribe node to retrieve the value0 (a number) and wired to a debug node but nothing is happening on the debug tab.
This is the Subscribe node config.

Any Help?