5v 1A Wall wart to power photon?

Just a regular 5v 1A Wall wart. Is it safe to power the photon via USB this way?

As long it’s 5V DC it’s safe to use such a wall-wart, but some cheapos do not provide good quality DC which might cause the Photon to misbehave and if used over a long time might even cause the onboard voltage regulator to blow.
Most wall-warts are not meant as power supply but as chargers and as such there is no need for special filtering.

So it’s worth investing a bit more in a good supply - or if you can have a look at the output voltage of a cheap one to see if it’ll do (e.g. with an oszilloscope).

Thanks for the reply.

I’ll just keep it safe with powering it from the PC USB ports until I can figure out a better solution.

I’ve been using Apple adapters for over a year now. Seems to work just fine. I’ve even got a 12V supply hooked up to a car adapter to give me 5V, seems to be okay as well :wink:

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