3rd party auththentication for customer account

We’re working on Alexa/Echo integration for the product which involves third party authentication.
Authentication through api.particle.io/oauth/authorize works for the for the generic Particle account but not for organization customers. I supply a valid client id in URL, but form just reloads with what looks like a failed attempt to show the error message:

What is the proper way to do that for the customer account?
We’re using simple Auth for the product.

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cc @bryce

I’m seeing the same problem here. I can authenticate build.particle.io accounts but not community.particle.io or most importantly organisation customers using 3 legged OAUTH2.

Also, no error message displayed for failed auth, just black bar.

I spent some time developing and Amazon Alexa skill to support a particle based product and now appears to me that particle only supports oauth account linking to developer accounts not end users.

I think other Amazon developers need to know this to avoid the same mistake.