3 questions from a newbie

As the subject say I have 3 questions about Photon, that I will appreciate if someone could answer:

  1. ADC
    "The function setADCSampleTime(duration) is used to change the default sample time for analogRead()."
    And the default sample time is…

    Disables OTA updates. An attempt to start an OTA update will fail."
    This will disable the Particle firmware updates or my firmware updates or both?
    Can I only enable my firmware updates and only my?

    Could I force the update of the cloud variables at any moment? Not sure how this works. I did some tests
    and found variables being refreshed with intermediate results. Can I declare that a variable is ready to be

Thank you very much.

1.) Not sure if i’m right but it should be ADC_SampleTime_480Cycles

2.) No one is authorized to update your firmware without using your account and deliberately performing an OTA update.

Particle will only handle the OTA of system firmware when the user firmware and current system firmware on the Photon mismatches, nothing else.

3.) Cloud variables are “polled/pulled”. Which means it reads the value of the variable declared for the particular Cloud variable and sends it to the :cloud:.

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Thank you very much for your kind and quick reply!