3.3 volt pin outputting less (only 1.7 volts)

Long story short, the 3.3 volt pin from my electron is only outputting ~1.7 volts. I am using a digital multimeter to measure the voltage at the 3.3 volt pin and ground.

(Context: I am trying to use the 3.3 volts to power a load switch, which will use a digital signal to turn on and off)

Here is the load sensor: http://www.ti.com/lit/ds/symlink/tps22860.pdf

When the wire connected from 3.3 to V_in is disconnected, the 3.3 volts outputs 3.3 volts. When 3.3V is connected to V_in, the output voltage at the same spot (3.3V pin) is 1.7?

Are you using the recommended capacitance at Vin of load switch? Page 10 of the data sheet lists the recommended power supply conditions and it states about very short supply lines. If you exceed the recommended length you need to add bulk capacitance. So have you added that?

Also, what is attached to Vout of the load switch?

From V_out to GND I have a .1uF cap, and from V_in to GND I have a 1uF cap.

And to V_out I have a 499 ohm resistor to ground

Well, that should only be pulling 6.6mA so you shouldn’t be overloading anything. Is ON pulled high or low and not left floating? If so, are you sure the load switch is still functional and not blown? Can you test with another power source? Re-verify all your wiring? Seems like a simple circuit.