2200mah Electron Battery time expectancy

If I have an Electron without transmitting anything, except default housekeeping messages. How long would the battery charge last on the 2200 mah battery give or take?

Looking at the average current documented here - https://docs.particle.io/datasheets/electron-datasheet/#recommended-operating-conditions-i-class-icon-check-i-

The best it can do might be…8 hours?

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I measured 50ma while awake, so 44 hours or 2 days roughly.

mah? or ma?

With cellular on? If I turn on the Electron for 1 minute 10 times a day and the rest of time in deep sleep mode I could get 244 days on a battery from what you are saying.

50ma is what I measure after some time, cellular on, when it’s not being used. Of course the peak current is much higher when data is sent.