2 Electrons on 1 Solarcell => Possible?

Hi all
Is it possible to feed 2 Electrons with a 2000mAh Li-Po Battery each with one single Solarcell 5W?

I guess that you are going to wire the Solar cell to Vin and Gnd of the electron?

From the docs: https://docs.particle.io/datasheets/electron-datasheet/#vin

The input voltage range on VIN pin is 3.9VDC to 12VDC. When powering from the VIN pin alone, make sure that the power supply is rated at 10W (for example 5VDC at 2Amp). If the power source is unable to meet this requirement, you’ll need connect the LiPo battery as well.

The lowest that you can go on Vin is 3.9VDC and that gives you at best slightly more than 1A of current to split between two electron. That could work with both electron getting around ~500mA of current (ideally).

Do you have a controller (eg MPPT) that hooks up your Solarcell and the electrons?

I think there might be an issue if the electrons are simply connected in parallel (i.e. Vin to Vin and Gnd to Gnd) and the solar panel is not providing power. When there’s no power, the voltage of the Vin would probably be different, causing power loss on the protection diodes.

Hi Kenneth

Thank you for the Answer!

There is a 12V 5W Solarcell connected to the Vin via a TSR-2450 so i have max. 12V on Vin. Connected to only one Electron it works very good.
I think there would be enogh power to feed 2 Electrons but i dont know if it is possible and smart …