12V servo or wiper motor

Anyone connected a 12V Servo motor or wiper motor to the Photon. Looking for a bit more torque than my 5V servo motors can provide. If you have done a 12V Servo where did you get it? I can take it from there.

However, car windshield wiper motors look really interesting and are reasonably abundant ($15 local junk yard if I remove it), wondering if anyone from the Particle community has worked with them.

there are lots of examples of driving high current motors with Arduino out there.

try youtube

News to me, but a windshield wiper assembly is not powered by a servo motor!

It is a geared for torque, 12V DC motor with a cool linkage that makes the wipers go back and forth…

so … unless a wiper motor can be made to act like a servo motor, then I am still looking for some inexpensive 12V servo motors.

I have lots of 6V servos which are fine for making small robot arms and steering toy cars, but we now wish to control larger things, like: larger robot arms and larger toy cars.

Quick search at Pololu finds what I want but the price is a bit steep. https://www.pololu.com/product/1391 at $289 USD

Does anyone have any suggestions?

@rocksetta, @BulldogLowell did mention high current motor not servo.
A windshield wiper motor can be seen as a high current motor and there are lots of motor driver shields and tutorials.
For direction control you’d need a H-bridge driver.

Like this (although I doubt you’ll need 30A and the 2A might be too little)

Or you custom build your own FET H-bridge driver board

The extra thing to consider with a simple DC motor is position control.

A thing somewhat in between a servo and a DC motor might be steppers.


or really big… :slight_smile:


My 50ct: a beginner project with a relay - so you can control higher voltages.