110/220Vac to 5VDC @ 1.0Amp

Anyone using the Vigortronix VTX-214-005-105 . Basically, the devices converts 110 or 220Vac to 5V DC. There is another module that does 3.3V DC as well.

I’d be interested to hear experiences others have had with these devices. I’ve bought a couple and it will be a while before I get to trying/using them so I thought I’ve post here to see what experiences others have had.

I’ve never used units like this for direct PCB mounting but here is another well known company who makes what your looking at:


Thank you for the link @RWB. I’ve used one of their other products, the TSR 1-2450 and also the 3.3V version. I didn’t think to look at their products for this need.