0.4.5 release for External-Only antenna users



I just have a quick question regarding remotely updating external antenna-only.

Continuing the discussion from Particle Firmware Update Thread:

@mdma, Does that mean as long as I have the STARTUP(antenna.Select(EXTERNAL)) macro in my application I will be safe compared to 0.4.4? I don’t have enough P1 prototypes right now at hand to test this and don’t want to risk messing up client side connectivity during an update.

Please let me know thanks!


Yes, that’s correct, since the application firmware flashed first, then the system updates, then your device should stick with the external antenna.


Thanks! I just wanted to make sure :smile:


I’m wondering about Safe Mode with 0.4.4 - I think that will force the device to connect with the internal antenna. So don’t try this just yet.


The ideal solution is that the antenna selection preference is stored persistently so that it’s used even in safe mode.


I have not used safe mode much though it seems to be very useful for code dev. I usually load a stable application firmware version as the device factory reset firmware, which I know is not really the best way. @mdma, could you point me to resource of how to best utilize safe mode? The description in “getting started” is pretty high level…