Xenon wake up from sleep

What is best way to wake up xenon from deep sleep at regular intervals say for eg every 60 minutes and send the data. After sending the data it should go back to deep sleep again. Since these are remote devices conserving power is very important.

@abhishek2101, the nRF52840 used in Gen3 devices cannot be awakened from DEEP sleep using an internal timer. It can only be awakened from a HIGH level on the WKP pin, D8. You will find posts from members regarding the use of an external TPL5110 timer/power control chip that can be used as a fixed-period external timer to do what you are looking for. You can also use an external RTC like the MCP7910 for more flexible wake timing. @rickkas7 has done superb work on this:

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I think that if you were to tolerate that the xenon goes to sleep (and NOT deep sleep, which consumes a lot less power I think) and wake up every 60 minutes, you could do something like this:

System.sleep(D7, RISING, 3600);

I know little on the differences on power consumption between both, I admit.

@gusgonnet, based on early testing, I found the difference between SLEEP and DEEP SLEEP current to be only about 30uA or so. For long term battery operation however, that can be considerable.


super, thank you for the details!

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is this board available for purchase ?

@abhishek2101, it is not but @rickkas7 has made the board design available so you can produce your own.

The internal counter will drift after sometime.

oh ok. Do you know how much?