Xenon battery voltage

I have two basic related questions about batteries on the Xenon.

  1. I’m using this battery from Adafruit that is 3.7v. The Xenon regulates that to 3.6v if I understand correctly. Do I need to use a different voltage divider constant to get accurate results reading from the BATT pin?

  2. What should I expect reading from the BATT pin if no battery is connected? Related to question 1 above, I’m seeing 115% voltage level with no battery, so I’d like to understand what actual values I should be expecting. Is there an official/common way to know if the device is connected to USB power, battery or both?

#1 No, it’s the same for any single cell (3.6V nominal) Li-Po.

#2 I assume any Voltage measured on BATT pin is an artifact from the on-board charger, when no Li-Po is present. This post may give you some additional info on how to determine the power/charging state(s) of a Xenon.

That’s a great start, thank you.

A forum search often helps

@ScruffR, The OP’s questions wasn’t about SOC, unless I misunderstood completely. :wink:

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